Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sorry to disturb you for nothing!

I am shocked to know that we stand alone.We have been crying to help the alternative media including Hastakshep,Samkaaleen Teesri dunia and Counter Currents.

No one responded.I was not that shocked.But Hastakshep shattered down for almost a week.No one reacted.Not even those ,whom we do represent.

It is shocking.

For me,I try to circulate and share everything written and posted by anyone if the issue seems to be relevant and we try to publish every bit of it.But it seems to be worthless thankless job done by me all these years as I engaged myself in nonsense.

I share and publish without caring copyright infringement to invite ban and deletion if it looks relevant to public cause irrespective of color,irrespective of my opinion on the issue as we believe in dissent and discussion.

Whom I try to get attention,even those people cares NEVER what issues and points we do raise.

It had been always disappointing for me.

But we continued the worthless job and it is almost four decades for me.

I belong to the Himalayas and there we never stop scaling the hills and rivers.

I am not going to stop because I know I have miles to go.

But I always expected support for alternative media which I find none.

Sorry to disturb you for nothing! सूचना… साइट संभवतः कल शाम तक अपडे़ट हो पाएगी।

Amalendu Upadhyaya
December 24 at 8:35pm
सूचना… साइट संभवतः कल शाम तक अपडे़ट हो पाएगी।
सूचना … "हस्तक्षेप" पर कुछ तकनीकी मरम्मत चल रही है। साइट संभवतः कल शाम तक अपडे़ट हो पाएगी। …हो सकता...


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