Sunday, May 31, 2015

Modi diplomacy blasts the heart and mind of the Geopolitics!Yes!Narendra Modi will be travelling to Israel and the declaration comes before Bangladesh visit!

Modi diplomacy blasts the heart and mind of the Geopolitics!Yes!Narendra Modi will be travelling to Israel and the declaration comes before Bangladesh visit!

Palash Biswas

It is no secret that Indian internal security has been handed over to Mossad and RSS governance of Fascism has aligned with Israel agaist Palestine and entire Muslim World.Thus,Modi diplomacy has broken yet another ground declaring his visit to Tel Aviv as the first prime minister of India just before visiting Bangladesh with Hindutva agenda.

Yes!Narendra Modi will be travelling to Israel, the first by an Indian Prime Minister to the Jewish country with which bilateral defence cooperation is on an upswing.Mind you,the emphasis is on defence while it has always been internal security.

It has to be remembered that India had established "full" diplomatic relationship with Israel in 1992  after the neo liberal children captured the power and the people to sell off the nation though it had recognised the country in 1950. 

The then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had become the first premier from that country to visit India when he came here in 2003. He is credited with transforming bilateral relations from diminutive defence and trade cooperation to the strategic ties of today.

"As far as my visit is concerned, it will take place this year. I will visit, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. As far as Prime Minister's visit is concerned, he will travel to Israel. No dates have been finalised. It will take place as per mutually convenient dates," she said replying to a question at a press conference.

Mind you,No Indian Prime Minister or President has ever visited that country.

No wonder the term defence is applied to internal security as the game is very very open and you may understand the impact as topmost priority of the so called business friendly government of Hindutva,destroying indigenous business as well as industry despite betraying India Inc which groomed the mandate- remains the Hidnu Rashtra.We may understand the aesthetics of this Hindutva plus Zionist alliance and the impact in the neighbourhood.

We all know that India is the strategic nuclear partner of United states of America with Israel while Indian diplomacy before Modi Jamana always supported independent Palestine.

India has a very big Muslim population  not to mention the composition of demography of South Asia and South East Asia,which supports Palestine.The cent percent hindutva agenda and the agenda of Ram Mandir might be the exact chemistry for this RSS ZIONISM link which we had been highlighting time and again.

We have to prove nothing afresh as Modi has already opened doors and windows for Israel companies and we have to wait for the real time to see what agrrements he would sign with Israel.

No dates have been finalised for Modi's visit which will take place on mutually convenient dates, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said.

Swaraj said she will be travelling to Israel this year, besides Palestine and Jordan.

At the same time, she asserted, "There was no change in India's policy towards Palestine."

L K Advani had visited Israel when he was Home Minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. Jaswant Singh and S M Krishna had visited the Jewish nation as External Affairs Ministers. Recently Home Minister Rajnath Singh had also visited Israel.

Describing Israel as a friendly country, Swaraj said India had never "let down" the Palestinian cause and it will continue to support it.

Asked whether the Prime Minister will visit Iran, she said no such visit has been finalised so far but he will be visiting Turkey to attend G-20 Summit later this year. Swaraj said she will travel to Iran to attend the NAM Summit this year.

Talking about government's efforts to reach out to various countries, Swaraj said Prime Minister will visit five Central Asian countries including Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan when he travels to Russia to attend the BRICS Summit.

"When he goes to Ufa in Russia for BRICS summit, he will visit five Central Asian countries," Swaraj said, adding "the foreign policy has been spread quite significantly. We achieved a lot."

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