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Anglo-American Axis Wages Full Scale War Against Russia

Anglo-American Axis Wages Full Scale War Against Russia


That a Nobel Peace Prize winner would lead the charge to bring wrack and ruin to a nation like Russia is not as surprising as one would think. The USA has always been used as the primary policeman for the Anglo-American Axis (AAA), especially when military aggression is required to prevent any given nation from leaving the dollar-denominated reservation.  Which is precisely why the Nobel Committee gave Barack Obama cover by fraudulently awarding him the 'peace prize'.  They knew he would be leading the USA & Company against the Russian boogeyman in the not-too-distant future.  That future is 2014.

Prior to an outright military invasion the AAA has historically utilized an assortment of economic assaults and financial attacks to soften up 'the enemy'.  The current regime of extra-legal US and European sanctions, no matter what form they have taken, are all designed to destroy the Russian economy.  Whether it has been declared or not, the Western powers have commenced a full blown war against Russia.

What very few people realize is that Obama's rise to the presidency ONLY occurred with his agreement to prosecute Russia whenever directed to do so.  In fact much of his 2008 election campaign rhetoric concerning foreign policy was peppered with language that clearly reflected his loyalty to the Cold Warriors of yesteryear.  How else does anyone think he could have accumulated a record-smashing $750 million in campaign contributions?

"In 21-plus months, Barack Obama raised roughly $750 million from donors, surpassing all of his White House opponents this year and also eclipsing the total amount of money raised by all of the presidential candidates combined in 2004."[1]
(2008 ABC News Report)

The two key figures behind the unrivaled campaign chests amassed by Obama prior to both of his presidential elections were George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Only by understanding the true forces behind these two characters will the current war against Russia be properly understood. Suffice to say, that both individuals harbor an intense and irrational hatred toward Russia, as do all of their Cold Warrior co-conspirators who have colluded to collapse the Russian state.

OBAMA: Trilateral Commission Endgame | The Millennium Report

In the interest of completely subjugating Russia to the dictates of the Anglo-American Axis, these Russophobes have used the full force of the Trilateral Commission, a semi-secret stealth organization whose only purpose is complete world domination.  Zbigniew Brzezinski was a founding member and primary organizer of the Trilateral Commission, along with David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan and many other New World Order (NWO) profiteers.

The Cold War was in full swing in 1973 and those who wished to establish a New World Order were determined not to let the USSR stand in the way.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), from which the majority of Trilateral Commission (TC) founding members came from, had already established a distinctly anti-Russian stance since its inception in 1921.  Both the CFR and the TC have been prominently configured in the formulation of every major U.S foreign policy since their respective inceptions.  They have likewise advocated for every single major war that has occurred on the planet over the same span of time.


However, it is specifically the Trilateral Commission, under the influence of extremely Cold Warriors like Brzezinski and Soros, which is determined not to allow a thaw with Russia except on their uncompromising and dictatorial terms.  It's important to understand both the personal history and temperaments of Cold Warriors like Brzezinski and Soros in order to correctly grasp the current state of world affairs.  Both originally hail from Eastern European countries —  Brzezinski from Poland and Soros from Hungary –which have had some some very difficult history with the old USSR.  Like all of their Cold War compatriots, they harbor intense animosity toward Russia and will not end their persecution until the Russian bear has been conquered … and put in a cage.

Convicted Felon George Soros … Russian Intelligence has fingered Soros for using cross-collateralized compounded Swedish and Danish foreign currency derivatives for the purpose of an attack on the Russian stock market.  Soros' use of these cross-collateralized compounded derivatives utilizing Luxembourg banks violates the terms of the Basil II European Union banking agreement.[2]

The true irony here is that the entire Russian Revolution and rise of Communism across the Motherland was initiated and coordinated by New York City banksters, Chicago gangsters and Washington politicos.  All of those oppressed populations of Eastern Europe of the last century have none other to blame than their relatives who migrated to the ole US of A who engineered the whole misguided scheme.  Virtually all of the NWO think tanks, which form a cottage industry of Russia-bashing, are staffed by either Jewish intellectuals or dogmatic Catholics whose ancestral heritage is of Eastern (and/or Central) European descent.

This particular narrative has a number of key threads, each of which is critical to understanding what is really going on with the unfolding and undeclared World War III. Those threads have profound religious and philosophical, geo-political and social, economic and financial overtones.  They will be methodically elucidated in this series of three essays.

Why is a Nobel Peace Prize winner prosecuting a war for a bunch of aging Cold Warriors?

Obama mysteriously emerged from what is perhaps the most politically corrupt city in the fifty states — Chicago.  Not only is Chicago the epicenter of neo-liberalism, it also has the largest per capita Polish population in America, and second only to New York City.  Likewise, the Chicago area is also the home to a large percentage of other Eastern/Central European immigrants with mindsets very similar to Brzezinski and Soros.

What's the point?

Obama was raised in a political climate that wreaked of hatred for all things Russian.  He was even a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School.  The University of Chicago (UoC) is world renown for being the home of the Leo Strauss Center, the philosophical father of the neoliberalism that is aggressively imposed around the globe by a powerful phalanx of neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz.  Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush and ex-World Bank President, Wolfowitz was one of many other UoC Neocon graduates who was one of the key architects of the Iraq War — a classic case of disaster capitalism by way of a manufactured war promoted by neoliberal neoconservatives.

Understanding that Hillary Clinton was also raised in Chicago is perhaps the best way to unpack the baggage of this global, multi-decade conspiracy to systematically defraud … … THE COMMUNITY OF NATIONS. Not only was she raised in the same depraved political climate of Chicago, she was also appointed by Obama as his first Secretary of State (SOS), the herald of this nation's exceedingly militaristic and unilateral foreign policy.  No other nation on Earth has exported so much faux democracy at the barrel of a gun, as Libya experienced while Clinton was SOS and 'peace prize' winner Obama was POTUS.  Syria is another hideous exercise in disaster capitalism that was began and accelerated under Secretary Clinton, as was the whole Arab Spring phenomenon.

The Ukraine Is Only The Latest Foray Of Disaster Capitalism USA-Style.

These very same Cold Warriors quite purposefully executed the Kiev coup d'état in order to start a full-blown civil war in the Ukraine.  What better way to respond to President Vladimir Putin's many domestic and international initiatives to move Russia away from the NWO reservation?  Putin has always known that it would come down to this — either the AAA way or a new Silk Road highway.  To better understand Putin's critical role in this highly consequential confrontation, the following essay lays bare what will not be found in the mainstream media.

Vladimir Putin's Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World 'Order'

Quite fortunately for the Russian people, Putin has always acted in their best interest.  Now, however, will be the true test of their national character.  Vastly arrayed against the Russian motherland are the many AAA nations which have reflexively aligned with the intractable Cold Warriors.  Even though it is obviously not in their interest to do so, most Eastern European nations and some ex-Soviet Republics are closing ranks in what is shaping up to be the "War of the Titans".  Goaded by the many countries within Anglo-American Axis, particularly the USA, the UK and Israel, these extremely misguided countries are somehow okay with being used as canon fodder in a potential World War III?!

The Ukraine is a graphic example of how this war might unfold within any one of their territories should the implementation plan for another civil war be duplicated by the AAA. The very same Neo-nazis being armed and financed there by the US State Department and City of London bankers represents the exact same MO which instigated World War II. Again, Russia is being targeted to sufficiently soften up that nation so as to render it vulnerable to another CIA-coordinated revolution.  In this way the Anglo-American Axis plans to install a puppet regime that is amenable to all manner of neoliberal economic policies, each of which will permit unfettered access to Russia's wealth and natural resources, especially oil and gas, gold and silver, uranium and platinum.

*The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countires of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries.  So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA.  The World Shadow Government is a secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.[3]

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.54.45 PM

Those who wish to subjugate Russia will utilize every means available to do so.  The primary assailant in the form of the Trilateral Commission needs to be terminated sooner or later for the good of humanity, as do the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. Likewise, the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD (henchmen for TC, CFR and BG) need to be fully exposed as the cold-blooded killers and serial torturers that they are.  All of these organizations have proven to have hardcore Nazi roots and ought to be outlawed by the community of nations.

Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group

As always, the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group form the key organizational network through which the unfolding New World Order is being fabricated.  The barbaric, avaricious and predatory form of corrupt, crony capitalism, which is on display all over the world today, is nothing more than an awkwardly desperate attempt by the AAA to keep the Titanic (aka Corporate America) from sinking.  It has already hit the iceberg incidentally, for those who are unaware.  The slow motion capsizing of this "Corporate Ship of State" has already spawned a series of national defaults and state budget emergencies, municipal insolvencies and corporate bankruptcies.  Who ever knew that the marriage of Democracy and Capitalism would wreak so much havoc across the planet?!

To the point, it is the wrecking ball known as the Trilateral Commission which is responsible for so much international chaos and destruction.  Where the TC is tasked with so much of the dirty work that used to be left to the CFR, it represents only the most visible level of the ongoing conspiracy to overtly rule the entire planet.  Toward that end Russia has always been viewed as their single biggest obstacle to gaining world supremacy. Hence, every person on Earth is now witnessing a full scale war against Russia.  Even though the other BRICS nations have taken serious initiatives to leave the reservation, the AAA has been careful to isolate only Russia with their divide and rule strategy.  Making nice with the other BRICS nations permits the AAA to take down one country at a time in order to effectively eliminate them from what is essentially a defensive economic union.

In addition to crashing the ruble and equities market, the AAA has launched a series of sanctions designed to paralyze Russian commerce internationally.  Working in concert with Saudi Arabia and other major OPEC members, they have plummeted the price of oil in an effort to deprive Russia of its major revenue stream.  There are many other furtive acts of economic terrorism and financial sabotage being conducted daily, which are too numerous to catalogue and which strike at the very heart of the Russian financial system. Needless to say all of these economic assaults and financial attacks in the aggregate constitute naked acts of aggression and are tantamount to war.

Nevertheless, the Anglo-American juggernaut will not relent until the Russian bear is satisfactorily declawed and defanged.  They know that a strong and sovereign Russia is a sterling example of what the rest of the world can aspire to.  They are also well aware of the true fragility of the once Almighty Dollar.  As soon as the petrodollar loses its status as the global reserve currency, the USA performance of the Anglo-American "dog and pony show" will lose its capacity to overwhelm.  Not only will American corporate prowess greatly diminish, Yankee gunboat diplomacy will become a mere shadow of its once looming warships.

In the meantime, the Trilateral Commission will use every international asset at its disposal and will not slacken their onslaught against Russia until something very extreme happens.  The "Tri" in Trilateral illustrates its three continental components: (i) European (ii) North American and (iii) Asian Rim.  The Trilateral Commission's global reach is demonstrated by it various and sundry attack mechanisms as conducted by the following state entities: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand are used to attack Russia from the east, the entire European Union from the west, and the USA and Canada from just about anywhere.

In light of recent unprovoked attacks on the national sovereignty of the Ukraine, South Ossetia and Abkhazia (actually Georgia), Chechnya (actually Russia), Libya, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, among many other proxy wars and conflicts staged throughout Africa, it is clear that the AAA feels it can act with total impunity.  Truly, the Anglo-American Axis is suffering from the same deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance that every rapidly declining empire suffers from. While the AAA seems to wage unprovoked wars without fear of any consequence, this pattern of behavior is about to get checked … MIGHTILY.

How so?

The ongoing attacks on the Russian people are now construed as attacks upon the BRICS Alliance.  Likewise, an attack on BRICS and the many other aligned countries constitutes an assault on the world community of nations.  Were a vote to be taken by the General Assembly of the United Nations today, these equations would be unequivocally proven to be true.  Therefore, it is imperative, both for world peace and the overall condition health of international relations, that the Trilateral Commission cease and desist it's patently unlawful, shamelessly offensive and dangerously provocative behavior.


Who's really controlling the Trilateral Commission?

The truth be told, the Trilateral Commission is only one of many shadowy organizations and secret societies which have been controlling world governance for centuries, if not millennia.  As the face of the World Shadow Government, the TC, CFR and Bilderbergers are way down on the totem pole of the mundane power structure.  The very fact that we can write and utter their names shows that they are mere front line pawns on the geopolitical chessboard.  Nevertheless, working back through through the many levels and layers of the Global Control Matrix, it is fairly easy to deduce who is really running the show.

For instance, the nexus of worldly power and global administration is fairly recognizable in the relationship between the three exceptionally powerful city states of the Vatican, the City of London and Washington, DC.  Functioning as the religious, financial and military arms of the World Shadow Government respectively is now quite evident.  World events continually unfold in such a way so as to reveal those who really pull the levers of power. Nonetheless, the real $64,000 question is: "Cui bono?".  What do these characters hope to gain in the end by incessantly playing their game of divide and conquer.

Before that question is answered, it is highly instructive to understand what just happened between Cuba and Russia and the USA.

Who really gains from the 'miraculous' and unanticipated rapprochement between the USA and Cuba?

Also, is there a vital connection between the 'normalization' of relations between the USA and Cuba during the very same week that Western financial engineers and economic hit men literally crashed the Russian ruble Soros-style?

After Vladimir Putin kicked off his Latin America tour with a deliberate stop in Cuba, visions of a second Cuban Missile Crisis appeared on the southern horizon of the USA. Given all the warmongering that the AAA is guilty of within Russia's immediate sphere of influence, Russia had no choice but to threaten the same in the USA's back yard.  Hence, Russia not only forgave upwards of $32 billions of Cuba's Soviet era debt, Putin also made overtures to restart their historical alliance as a countervailing force to American hegemony.

There are several other old relationships throughout South and Central America which President Putin rekindled, all in the interest of forging a united front against Anglo-American imperialism.  Of all of these relationships, however, it is Russia's re-engagement with Cuba which presents the biggest potential problem for the U.S.  Such a thorn in the toe of Florida could not be tolerated; hence, the Obama Administration was ordered by the Trilateral Commission to remove the thorn post haste.

And who, pray tell, ordered the Trilateral Commission.  Well the first Jesuit Pope in Roman Catholic history, no less. It was only through His Holiness' intercession that President Barack Obama and President Raúl Castro were brought into contact via Canadian Jesuit intermediaries. Such a dramatic diplomatic coup does not happen unexpectedly, except through the influence of those who truly control the earth realm.

As a matter of fact, this same pope has recently issued an order to practically all of Christendom to get their acts together within a three year deadline beginning September 1, 2013.

"By order of Pope Francis, all attorneys, all clerks, every member of the judicial system operating these frauds and oppressions became 100% individually and commercially liable as of September 1, 2013.
The banking cartels and governmental services corporations have been given three years to clean up their acts from top to bottom, to come into compliance with the Original Equity contract owed to the Americans, and to stop operating in criminal default."[4]

If this is truly the case, then why has Pope Francis not weighed in on the terribly violent and fateful war in the Ukraine?  More importantly, why has his response to the much more serious war on Russia been so muted?  Particularly in light of the far-reaching ramifications associated with the revival of the Cold War, one would think that the papal peacemaker would do everything in his power to avert an apocalyptic nuclear World War III scenario.  Why, then, is he so uncharacteristically reticent on this highly consequential global matter?!


The Jesuits Have Controlled US Foreign Policy Ever Since Georgetown University Was Founded In 1789

In the pecking order of what is often referred to as the planetary power pyramid, religious power always trumps the financial.  Financial always trumps political.  Political always trumps military.  In this fashion, what happens in Rome has considerable more import than what happens in D.C.  Therefore, it takes a very short leap of understanding to comprehend the geopolitical moves being made by the Western powers against those of the rebellious East.

The Latest and Biggest Battle Between East and West Converges in the Ukraine

Very few are aware of two extremely significant historical facts which greatly impact the unfolding prelude to a potential World War III.  First, the Great Schism of 1054 between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Whereas the Roman Catholic Church was headquartered in Rome under the Papacy, the Eastern Orthodox Church leadership was situated in Constantinople for much of its history.  However, it is the Russian Orthodox Church and its Patriarch in Moscow which has posed a great obstacle to the Roman Pontiff.

Here's the second significant fact and critical backstory to this epic conflict between East and West.  The more recent Roman Catholic Popes beginning with Pope John Paul II have initiated a major agenda to bring all of Christendom under the umbrella of Vatican rule. The Eastern Orthodox Church has been the major obstacle to this goal.  The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), in particular, has been a skunk at the papal garden party in this regard.  Quite significantly, the ROC represents by far the largest congregation within the  Eastern Orthodox Church with more than 150,000,000 adherents estimated worldwide. The Orthodox Christian Church of Russia, as it is officially known, is one of the autocephalous Eastern Orthodox churches whose "religious possessions" include the following nations:

Herein lies the problem, and it's a HUGE problem.  Not only is 150,000,000 adherents a sizable number when an organization is looking to increase its political clout, countries like China, Japan, and the Ukraine represent large and ripe religious marketplaces in which to increase the membership.  At the end of the day, it often comes down to the number of active church members and the amount of cash donations.  Without either of these, a church is just an empty building.  In light of these realities of church building here's what recently occurred in the midst of the civil war in the Ukraine.

"Russian Orthodox leaders have accused the Vatican-aligned Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of trying to take back churches and woo away believers from the Moscow Orthodox Patriarchate."[5]

There's no question that even without the civil war erupting in the Ukraine, the divide between Rome and Moscow is much deeper than a membership count and donation revenues. In fact the differences go very deep, right to the heart of the Churches themselves — the Sanctum Sanctorum. The Eastern Orthodox have always held a very special place for sacred ritual and many other the ancient mystical traditions, religious practices and spiritual wisdom associated with the Gnosticism. The Roman Church is not as inclined in these ways and has often marginalized its more mystical denominations into the monastic orders. Whereas the Vatican has often concerned itself with concretizing articles of faith and enforcing religious dogmas, the Eastern Orthodox has emphasized an individual's prayer life and their interior connection to God. While Rome has forever encouraged good works, especially in the form of evangelizing, their Eastern counterparts have focused on living their spirituality first, speaking about it second.

These are not superficial disparities in the practice of one's faith or in the religious outreach in one's community, which is why the schism has lasted almost 1000 years. There are other profound cultural differences which further widen the chasm between the two churches.  These are as stark and hard-edged as the differences between the East and the West, Yin and Yang, Passive and Aggressive.  Whereas the AAA (Western powers) think nothing of starting an apocalyptic civil war in the Ukraine by sheer deception, Russia gingerly sends in necessary emergency aid to the sick and starving Russian speakers throughout the Donbass region.

Russia's Greatest Crime — Trading Outside The Petrodollar

Just as Iraq was "Shock and Awed" back into the Stone Age after Saddam Hussein set up an oil bourse absent the US dollar, Iran has been relentlessly harassed over false nuclear armament accusations because of the same type of initiative, Libya was turned into a desert wasteland after Muammar Gaddafi threatened an African gold standard, Russia has likewise committed the grave sin of decoupling their oil and gas transactions from the once Almighty Petro-Dollar.  For there is no greater 'sin' than this on Planet Earth.

This brutal reality begs the question: What was Russia to do?  Arguably, if there is a real crime that Vladimir Putin et al. might be guilty of, it is not standing up — firmly — to the global bully known as the USA & Company.  Putin seems to have gotten blindsided in the Ukraine and therefore failed to encourage President Yanukovych to crush the CIA-staged protest in Maidan Square with overwhelming police force and/or decisive military backup. Perhaps he was distracted by the Olympics in Sochi; nonetheless, such a lapse of judgement has proven to be catastrophic for both the eastern Ukraine as well as Russia.

Putin's other 'crime' was not throwing full Russian (and Chinese) support behind Syria's Bashar Assad.  Were Syria to have been fully armed and supported in the face of growing attacks by USA-backed rebels, and then by the MOSSAD-created ISIS, the Syrian refugees might have been spared so much pain and suffering, and needless dislocation.  Where the sale of Russia's S300 anti-aircraft rockets to Syria came at a critical point of  their civil war, Israel's continued violation of their airspace and criminal destruction of civilian targets should have been precluded by unambiguous Russian threats … aimed directly at Tel Aviv.  After all, Putin knows that Israel is the key cog in the AAA's Mideast strategy.

Hopefully, Russia has finally learned that there is only one way to deal with an incorrigible and aggressive invader.  The so-called leaders who populate the top tiers of the AAA leadership are hardened Cold War criminals who must be dealt with firmly and decisively.  Putin knows this well, as does his inner circle, so when will they close ranks within the BRICS Alliance and start fighting fire with fire?  That also means that China needs to start strategically dumping its U.S. Treasuries to help offset massive alliance losses in the intensifying currency war.




By using every means to assail and weaken Russia, the Trilateral Commission dangerously vitiates the integrity of international order and vital trade relationships.  In sowing seeds of conflict and chaos throughout the world community of nations, the Jesuits have only succeeded in creating their unsustainable version of Ordo Ad Chao.  Likewise, the Anglo-American Axis has so polarized the world community of nations through their divide and conquer tactics that the karmic blowback will surely come back to each participating nation according to their degree of complicity.

If ever there was a time when cooler heads must prevail, it is now.  With the global population well over 7 billion, the competition for finite natural resources, limited food supplies, and diminishing freshwater has pushed many (nations and provinces, cities and states, families and communities) into panic mode.  Global Climate Change has only exacerbated this unfolding scenario.  Therefore, the global village finds itself in a place whereby world peace and international cooperation are more necessary than ever.

Truly, the only way out of our current planetary predicament, fraught with so many formidable obstacles and facing such daunting challenges, is by working closely together … as never before.  The old paradigms based on fear and division will simply no longer work.  Those who reside at the peak of global governance surely know this; however, they are stuck — REALLY STUCK — in their self-destructive and counter-productive grooves of the past.

Therefore, the changes, which are direly needed throughout the Anglo-American Axis, will not come from the top down as they have successfully occurred in Vladimir Putin's Russia.  Western Civilization requires a people-powered, grass roots driven, organically grown movement to sweep aside the prevailing unenlightened leadership.  Only when it is viscerally understood that a bomb dropped on a Palestinian is a bomb dropped on everyone; that a missile fired at a Ukrainian church is fired at every house of worship, will the necessary transformation begin to manifest.

Michael Thomas
December 20, 2014
State of the Nation


Rome Never Forgives; The Vatican Never Forgets

Many have wondered for decades why Germany was defeated, and destroyed, twice in the two world wars of the last century.  In World War I Deutschland was especially destroyed economically and financially.  In World War II the Fatherland was devastated.

It was the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which took place in September 9 AD, in what is today northern Germany that set the stage for the vengeance of Rome.  In that month Germanic tribes banded together to annihilate three Roman Legions (XVII, XVIII, and XIX) as they snaked their way through the Teutonic forests.  This unparalleled slaughter of over 20,000 Roman soldiers occurred because of the misplaced trust by the Roman General Publius Quinctilius Varus in the Germanic Commander Arminius.  By every account, Varus was 'betrayed' by Arminius through the execution of a fastidiously laid trap from which 3 Legions of Rome had no escape as they faced certain death and desecration.

So devastating and demoralizing was this military loss that Rome never again attempted to conquer Germania east of the Rhine.  As a direct consequence, the riches and normal tribute from that wealthy region ceased to pour into Rome as they continued to from all over the then-known world.  Hence, the economic and financial destruction brought upon modern-day Germany during and particularly following World War I for the 'sins' of their ancestors.

It was a defeat so catastrophic that it threatened the survival of Rome itself and halted the empire's conquest of Germany. "This was a battle that changed the course of history," says Peter S. Wells, a specialist in Iron Age European archaeology at the University of Minnesota and the author of The Battle That Stopped Rome. "It was one of the most devastating defeats ever suffered by the Roman Army, and its consequences were the most far-reaching. The battle led to the creation of a militarized frontier in the middle of Europe that endured for 400 years, and it created a boundary between Germanic and Latin cultures that lasted 2,000 years."

Had Rome not been defeated, says historian Herbert W. Benario, Professor Emeritus of Classics at Emory University, a very different Europe would have emerged. "Almost all of modern Germany, as well as much of the present-day Czech Republic, would have come under Roman rule. All of Europe west of the Elbe might well have remained Roman Catholic; Germans would be speaking a Romance language; the Thirty Years' War might never have occurred, and the long, bitter conflict between the French and the Germans might never have taken place."
— The Ambush That Changed History

World War II is a much different story.  The total ruination of Hitler's Germany was predicated on the fact that the Protestant Reformation began and found its most ardent support in Germany.  It was there in northeastern Germany that "Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg on 31 October 1517, sparking the Reformation."  Thus began the greatest schism in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

No other historical development affected the power, wealth and membership of the Roman Church like the Protestant Reformation.  It shook the very foundations of the papacy and tested the Holy See as no other development before or after.  Because this fundamentally anti-Catholic movement found such enthusiasm in Germany, particularly among the religious academics and respected prelates, it was able to establish an impregnable beachhead there.  The Roman Catholic Church has only seen its star descend since that defining moment in world history.

The 95 theses of Martin Luther constituted such a profound and poignant attack on the pope, that the papacy would never be the same.  Henceforth, it would be viewed as any manmade office that is held under scrutiny when it conducts itself in an imperial manner. Rather than papal infallibility, even the lowly parishioner was given a compelling precedent from which to question papal writings and utterances, papal bulls and edicts. Luther himself called the decisions of the sitting pope a "swamp of heresies".

Given the diminishment of the Roman Catholic Church in the eyes of the common man, it is easy to understand that the Vatican would never forget the German roots of such a earth-shattering religious revolution.  And so it didn't … right up to firebombing of Dresden and countless rape/murders of Protestant Prussian women during World War II.

Just as the Church of Rome saw its northern countries riven with dissension and split into various Protestant denominations, Germany would be partitioned into East and West and Berlin would be separated by "the Wall".   The very takeover of Germany in the 1930s by a once struggling Austrian artist remains suspect, especially by those who understand the twin influences of the Thule Society and its Masonic Jesuit connections on Adolph Hitler.


Why was Japan so devastated during World War II?

The remaining question, then, is why was Japan so ruthlessly destroyed in World War II.  A close look at the history of the Catholic Church in Japan under the direct control of the Jesuits reveals the backstory.  "Catholic missions first arrived in Japan in 1549, when the Jesuit Francis Xavier landed at Kagoshima, in the southern island of Kyushu."  After enjoying one of the most successful periods of evangelism throughout all of Asia, Japan gave way to the most fierce and protracted prosecution of Christians anywhere.

During the sixteenth century, Catholic missions enjoyed stunning successes in Japan. By the end of that century, though, the official mood was turning more sour and intolerant. Persecution abated until 1614, when the violence intensified sharply following the establishment of the shogunate. Tokugawa Hidetada prohibited the practice of Christianity, so that "All missionaries, catechists and anyone who gives shelter to missionaries, and all seminarians, are expelled from the country." Those who refused to obey faced the death penalty. These laws were renewed and expanded under his despotic successor Iemitsu (1623-1651), who was fanatically anti-Christian. Between the deadly year of 1614 and the 1640s, Japanese Christianity was rooted up, at the cost of (at least) tens of thousands of lives, probably more.

This persecution marked a lethal turning point in what had, up to that point, seemed to mark the spectacular progress of Christianity in Eastern Asia. Although we often recall Muslim/Christian conflicts, it was the Shinto/Buddhist nation of Japan that perpetrated one of the most thorough extirpations ever recorded of a church. The Japanese exceeded any Muslim successes in how totally they destroyed once-booming Christian communities. This movement had significant long-term effects for the direction of the Christian movement, as the annihilation of the Japanese missions decisively prevented Christianity resuming its movement towards global status, striking a dreadful blow against its progress in Asia.

Again, another urban firebombing during WWII, in this case destroying Japan's largest city, Tokyo.  This wartime atrocity against civilians is then followed by the dropping of not one, but two atomic bombs on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  In the midst of so much fire and smoke, wailing and lamenting, death and destruction, it appears that 'someone' was trying to duplicate the conditions of Dante's inferno.

James Clavell makes clear in his book SHOGUN that the Jesuits had a very rough going in Japan.  Viewed with suspicion from the very beginning, the Jesuits behaved in a manner that only confirmed the doubts of their Japanese hosts.  As a matter of historical fact, things got so bad for the Catholic missionaries that the Exclusion Edict of 1639 banned the Jesuits from Japan … forever!

Those who converted to Catholicism were questioned about their loyalty to Japan, and in 1597, Hideyoshi ordered the crucifixion of nine Jesuit missionaries and seventeen Japanese converts. This was only the start of the hostility towards European influence and interaction; persecutions, beheadings, and forced secessions would all but eliminate Roman Catholicism over the next few decades.

The same edict goes on to say that:

Catholicism was strictly forbidden. Those found practicing the Christian faith were subject to investigation, and anyone associated with Catholicism would be punished. To encourage the search for those who still followed Christianity, rewards were given to those who were willing to turn them in. Prevention of missionary activity was also stressed by the edict; no missionary was allowed to enter, and if apprehended by the government, he would face harsh sentences.
– The Jesuits in Japan

Author's Note

There has been a raging debate on the internet for years about who is really pulling the strings at the pinnacle of the world power pyramid.  To identify the actual characters is truly an exercise in futility as the following two essays clearly explain.

A perfect example of George Soros using a major propaganda organ of the British media to inflame anti-Russian sentiments.

A perfect example of George Soros using a major propaganda organ of the British media to inflame anti-Russian sentiments.

Who really runs the world?

Global Control Matrix Revealed

However, what is not very difficult is to identify the key power players and organizations of the Global Control Matrix.  Hit men such as George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, as well as hit squads like the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, have been chosen as front men (and orgs) by those who truly rule the realm.  Some of those very low level types have been discussed in this article.  We stress "very low level" because true power simply never reveals itself and always operates in secret.  This hidden posture is the very basis of its mundane power and influence over world affairs.

True power always operates by way of deception during the dark and dense Iron Age – our current era.  As such, there are multiple levels of deception going on, and within each level there are many layers of interpenetrating deception.  Yes, it's gotten that complicated.  The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group represent different layers of one level of deception being perpetrated on everyone.  These groups then use obvious puppets like Obama and Bush(es), Biden and Cheney, Clinton(s) and Kerry, Powell and Rice(s), etc.

Then there is the popular notion that the Zionists control the planet or that the Jews rule the world and so many other similar theories.  That's not to say that the Jews (Ashkenazi) don't run Hollyweird or that they don't make the 'best' banksters.  After all, they are the 'Chosen People' — chosen to administer the most unsavory and visible functions within global management structure.  Seems like that much exposure (frequently gets very ugly as we see in the SONY hacking scandal) would automatically disqualify them as candidates for peak controllers of the matrix, yes? Really, who in this day and age doesn't hate doctors and lawyers, bankers and stock brokers, Hollywood agents and vulture capitalists, Israel and Netanyahu?  Such an unabashedly parasitical class of people could never occupy the top leadership of the Global Control Matrix.

However, there is a growing school of thought that is dedicated to the proven historical fact that a certain group of religious has been particularly endowed with an inordinate amount of power and influence over worldly affairs.  The Jesuits have always 'served' in a very unique capacity within the Roman Catholic Church.  They have always been given special leeway, relative to all the other Holy Orders, in their occupations and positions in society. In some cases their roles in various countries around the world was more of a diplomat or business agent, papal messenger or enforcer.

Not only is Georgetown a strategically situated Jesuit University in Washington D.C., it's law school is located right on Capitol Hill.  It boasts as graduates the likes of former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden; José Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, former President of the Philippines; Felipe VI, King of Spain and King Abdullah II of Jordan; Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director Robert Gates; Former CIA Director George Tenet and Gen. Alexander Haig, former US Secretary of State.

Not only is the Jesuit General known as the Black Pope to those initiated in the esoteric arcana of the distinctly military structure of the Society of Jesus, he is also known to possess the capability to exert extraordinary influence, both directly or indirectly, over any temporal position of power publicly known.  The Jesuits, in general, are known to be the most intellectual order within Roman Catholicism with an aptitude and predilection for making much diplomatic mischief, even if such interference precipitates an international incident, which they often do.  Their untold furtive roles in many of the historic events over the past 475 years and clandestine involvement with various secret societies have provided much grist for the myriad conspiracy theories about Who really does run the world?

Needless to say, and in spite of this analysis, there is always the very real possibility that the Jesuits are controlled by Jewish Freemasonry, just as Christian Zionism may be completely controlled by the Jesuits. No matter who is controlling who, it is important to point out that your average Jew or Catholic or Protestant has nothing to do with these order-disrupting intrigues and machinations.


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