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 In Solidarity
 Binu Mathew

 Fires Burn As Community Feels Pain Of Injustice: Dispatches From Ferguson
 ByJon Queally


Following Monday night's announcement by St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch that a grand jury would not indict police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, the city of Ferguson, Missouri erupted in unrest fueled by an outpouring of emotion by those both outraged and saddened by the decision

Case Ferguson : US Flares Up In Protest
 By Countercurrents.org


From coast to coast, protests and demonstrations flared up protesting the grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown, an unarmed 18-year black boy in Ferguson , Missouri , USA . Thousands of people rallied late Monday in US cities. Most of the protests were peaceful, but passionate. Dozens of arrests have been made. In areas in the country, chaos filled streets. Gunshots were heard on the Ferguson streets and fires raged

Ferguson, An International Dateline, A Yearning For Life, A Call To Resist Injustice
 By Farooque Chowdhury


Ferguson is now an international dateline. The name now symbolizes sectarian divide; the name now demystifies democracy in a bourgeois democracy; the name now shows stunned justice; the name now produces protests; and the name now expresses yearning for life and love

License To Kill
 By Srestha Banerjee


Our immediate social existence today tries to reflect that we are part of a more equitable society- where questions of racial, class and caste hierarchy has little relevance. Our treatment of Michaels and Korbans are not a reflection of any bias or discrimination, but a rational act that we are entitled to exercise in the name of civil conduct. And such rationality lets us to choose our moments of protest, moments of silence and procure licenses to kill

Planet Already On 'Unavoidable Course To Warming': World Bank Report
 By Andrea Germanos


"Even very ambitious mitigation" can't change the fact that the world has already "locked in" mid-century warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial times, a new report from the World Bank Group finds

Climate Mitigation Alternatives - Sorting Them Out
 By Bill Henderson


Action on climate - what type of action now? Our political leaders won't lead so those who do recognize the dangers and who are serious about climate mitigation must step up to the plate

Iraq War 4.0?
 By Tom Engelhardt


Given the history of this last period, even if the Islamic State were to collapse tomorrow under American pressure, there would likely be worse to come. It might not look like that movement or anything else we've experienced thus far, but it will predictably shock American officials yet again. Whatever it may be, rest assured that there's a solution for it brewing in Washington and you already know what it is. Call it Iraq War 4.0

Police Baton-Charged Villagers For Opposing Aditya Birla Bauxite Mining Project In Orissa
 By Deba Ranjan


On 25th August 2014 large number of armed police with magisterial power reached at the top of the Baphlihill, where Utkal Alumina - Aditya Birla is continuously transporting bauxite through trucks to its Doraguda Alumina Plant. They started beating the villagers of Paikakupakhal. Many got the injured and three dalit villagers namely Mangaldan Nayak (30years), Kalendra Nayak (30) and Ms Kiyabati Nayak got severly injured

Menace On The Menu: Development And the Globalization of Servitude
 By Colin Todhunter


Powerful corporations are shaping 'development' agenda in India and have signed secretive Memorandums of Understanding with the government. The full military backing of the state is on hand to forcibly evict peoples from their land in order to hand over land to mineral hungry extractive and processing industries to fuel a wholly unsustainable model of development. Around the world, this oil-dependent, urban-centric, high energy, high consumption model is stripping the environment bare and negatively impacting the climate and ecology

Crony Capitalism And Failed Sports Morality: A Case Of BCCI
 By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava


The recent speaking of Supreme Court has exposed the real status of cricket management in the country. The game of cricket has been captured and manipulated by the elites. The competition for the top post is due to the prestige and affluence associated with the game. In fact there is clear exposition of crony capitalism which has a special meaning in this management where one group always attempts to benefit the member of his group whether the person holds the capabilities or not. In previous time many got the top positions just because of this factor

When Beauty Is Only Skin Deep: Intensifying Social Inequalities
 Through Rangbedh or Colour Discrimination
 By Shalu Nigam


Inequalities and discrimination based on skin colour or rangbedh is not a new phenomenon rather it is deeply ingrained in mindset across India and throughout the world. Historically, skin colour has been used as a parameter to accord treatment to the individuals either intentionally or inadvertently. And even today, those with fair skin are considered as superior and those with the darker hues are placed at the lower rung of the social hierarchy. This essay examines the colour based prejudices from gender lens, the manner in which this is promoted explicitly and implicitly by the media and the repressive social norms in the neo liberal economy and the impact it makes on daily lives of women in a modern world

In Praise of Russell Brand's Sharing Revolution
 By Adam Parsons


For all of Brand's joking and braggadocio, a sagacious theme runs through his new book: that a peaceful revolution must bring about a fairer sharing of the world's resources, which depends upon a revelation about our true spiritual nature

Reaching The Unreached: ENGAGE TB Initiative
 By Shobha Shukla


Despite great strides made in TB care and control over the last few years, the latest data shows that 1/3 of all TB cases are still either not detected or not reported to public health systems

Kashmir: Reviving The Social Fabric
 By M.Ashraf


A positive outcome of the recent flood may be the revival of the social fabric in Kashmir

Sri Lanka: Mr. President, We Have Your Files Too
 By Nilantha Ilangamuwa


Do the files on President Rajapaksa and his clan differ in content from the files that he is keeping on others? For one thing the amounts plundered will be unimaginably higher. By announcing the existence of these files on his present and former colleagues President Rajapaksa has truly opened a can of worms. He is not the only person keeping files on others. The public has files on all those who plundered the nation. The public will decide which kick is suitable to whom. This is only a matter of time

ViBGYOR Film Festival-2015: Film Submission Deadline Extended To December 10th
 By Countercurrents


The last date for film submission for ViBGYOR Film Festival, the largest alternative film festival in South Asia is extended to December 10th, 2014

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