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In the latest issue of The Muslim News Newspaper  (275) includes: editorial on lack of accountability when the West commits atrocities; Campaign by NGOs in India in support for journalist Syed Mohammmed Kazmi arrested for alleged involvement in bombing of Israeli diplomat's car; Challenges for the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India; Exclusive interview with mayoral candidates, London Mayor Boris Johnson and Brain Paddick; Muslim schools performance table exclusively by The Muslim News; and a lot more… on…



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Multiple US soldiers behind Panjwai murders, say Afghan investigators

Afghan MPs have rubbished claims by US officials that only one "rogue" American soldier was responsible for the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians in two villages.



Eager to kill Afghans and run over "P@kis", says former British soldier

The Ministry of Defence has told The Muslim News the police are investigating racist comments made by a former British soldier on a social network site.



interview mayorol elections



All to play for in London Mayor Elections

Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi, interviews two leading candidates for the forthcoming London mayoral elections.



world news



Media and US soldier who murdered Afghan civilians

When the news first broke of a US soldier going out to kill Afghans, the American media focussed on only two deaths even as they also reported that the Afghanis were saying about 17 had been killed. Almost immediately other attempts to diffuse and excuse the atrocities began to pour forth, giving the news coverage a new slant.



Qur'an burning by US troops in Afghanistan

President Obama sent a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai apologising for the Qur'an burning by American soldiers at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan last month.




Israelis celebrate death of Palestinian children killed in traffic accident on Facebook

In the early hours of February 16, nine Palestinian children and an adult lost their lives in a tragic traffic accident which also left 42 other children wounded between a school bus and a truck carrying a fuel tank.…




Campaign to release Indian journalist for alleged involvement on bombing Israeli diplomat's car

Journalists, community leaders, organisations, have come out in support of a journalist accused by the Indian police of allegedly giving logistical support to the bombers of an Israeli diplomat's car in Delhi, India, on February 13.




India: Uttar Pradesh elections, herald of a new era?

Akhilesh Yadav, 38, was sworn in as the youngest ever Chief Minister of northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on March 15. Read



Pakistan made Saving Face won the Best Documentary Oscar


Iranian and Pakistani movies make Oscar history

A Separation made history at the 84th Academy Awards when it became the first Iranian motion picture and first Middle-Eastern picture to win the best foreign-language film Oscar.



islamophobia discrimination



Profiling of Muslims has to stop

On a recent holiday, I travelled by train to Geneva Cornavin station and experienced what has now become far too normal. Amongst a train carrying a couple of hundred people, eight people were stopped: four black men; three men originally from the Maghreb; and finally one man from an Indian descent – me.




IOC praised the Saudis for allowing Dalma Malas (above to take part in the youth games omitting the fact that she was a self-financed unofficial team member.


IOC urged to use London Olympics to end Saudi prejudice against female athletes

A leading human rights organisation has urged the International Olympic Committee to pressure Saudi Arabia to end its discrimination against women in sports as a prerequisite for allowing the Kingdom to participate in this summer's London Games.







The West should be accountable when it commits atrocities too

When not posing in Air Force One on the way to see a college basketball game, Prime Minister, David Cameron, took time out with US President, Barak Obama, to discuss world problems….



home News



Luton Cllr Sharif named young councillor of the year

Luton's Tafheen Sharif has been named Young Councillor of The Year in the Cllr Achievement Awards organised by the Local Government Information Unit.



JNF should lose its charity status, say Greens Party members 

Green Party members voted in support of action against the Jewish National Fund (JNF) practices in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in support for calls to revoke its charity status in the UK, at the party's spring conference on February 26.



Mixed views on Government's integration strategy

There has been a divergence of views to the Govt's approach to achieving a more integrated society, unveiled by the Dept for Communities & Local Govt Secretary of State, Eric Pickles.



Harrow photo studio wins industry award

Razzaq Digital has being awarded Fujifilm's 'Business Endeavour Award' for its contribution to photography and excellence in customer service. Read


Naz Legacy Foundation launched

Sadiq Khan MP gave an inspirational speech to over 160 head teachers, teachers and educationalists from across the country.



Muslim schools 2011 Performance table


(hard copy only)


The Muslim News is the only institution to annually compile the full results of Muslim schools. For a hardcopy of the table send a £2 payment (cheque made payable to The Muslim News) with your name/address & post it to:


The Muslim News School table request : Po BOX 380 Harrow HA2 6LL



Muslim primary schools continue to excel

Muslim primary schools have once again exceeded England's national average in the Key Stage 2 Level 4 and above exams last year, a level expected for 11-year-olds.



regular columns



Comment  The 'Big Launch will not save Britain from disintegration and terrorism

By Mark Sedgwick Professor of Arab & Islamic Studies at Aahus University in Denmark g Read more


Legal Corner  Sikh Granthi (priest) may be entitled to national minimum wage






Environment  CleanSpace One: The Swiss' attempt to de-clutter the cosmos




Health & Science  Health warning about red meat consumption & Happiness rises in Middle-Age




Poets' Corner   the Angel's Offer  Read



Book Review  Perennialist interpretation of modern Islam

Islam in the Modern World: Challenged by the West, Threatened by Fundamentalism, Keeping Faith with Tradition.



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The IOC has told India's sport ministry that it'll stand by Dow Chemical Co as  sponsor the London Olympics



Mohammed Farah fails to win a medal at the IAAF world indoor Athletics championships.



Bangladesh's chief cricket selector has resigned citing interference from the country cricket board president








US killing of civilians  Read


Killing of children wrong Read


Faith in public space but no ethics



Ban on books on Islam Read



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