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Verse of the Week

"When the angels said: O Mariam, surely Allah gives you good news with a Word from Him (of one) whose name is the Messiah, Isa son of Mariam, worthy of regard in this world and the hereafter and those who are made near (to Allah).  And he shall speak to the people when in the cradle and when of old age, and (he shall be) one of the good ones.  She said: My Lord! how shall there be a son (born) to me, and man has not touched me? He said: Even so, Allah creates what He pleases; when He has decreed a matter, He only says to it, Be, and it is.".

Holy Qur'an, 3:45-47

Submitted by Sis. Kristi

Canada's Shame!

Momin Khawaja appealed his 10 and a half year sentence for a non-violent conspiracy theory alleged by the Canadian government.

On December 17, 2010, Canada not only rejected his appeal but re-sentenced him to life in prison.

Canada is in full Zionist control and does not consider any justice for Islamic opponents. Muslims must challenge the evil ways of Ottawa by peaceful means.

From Imam Badi Ali (National Shoora, North Carolina)
With New Trend's research group

Top Men and Women of the Year 2010

None of the people listed here were contacted before they were selected. Including them here does not imply blanket endorsement of all their policies, actions, or statements.


1.    President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for his independent foreign policy and his criticism of Israel.

2.    Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey for Turkey's heroic effort to break the Israeli embargo of Gaza by peaceful means and for the increasingly new directions of his foreign policy.

3.    Syed Munawar Hasan, Ameer of Jamaate Islami Pakistan, for his non-violent efforts to restore its sovereignty and integrity to Pakistan and his steady focus on the Islamic foundations of Pakistan.

4.    The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-thani for his progressive policies, his balanced program, and his efforts to solve Middle Eastern problems without kowtowing to the West.

5.    Prime Minister Mohammad Najib Tun Abdul Razak of Malaysia for helping Muslims in various countries without publicity and for his religious program.

6.    Khalid Misha'al, leader of Hamas foreign policy wing and Shaikh Nasrallah, leader of Hizbullah in Lebanon for their steadfastness and balanced policies.

7.    Raed al-Salah, Shaikh of Masjid al-Aqsa, for his efforts to maintain the sacredness and independence of the third holies mosque of Islam under Israeli occupation.

8.    Hamed al-Ali, a Shaikh in Kuwait, who gives fatwas on serious issues with utmost sense of responsibility and Islamic honor.
United States

1. Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin & Sis. Karima al-Amin for their loyalty to Allah Almighty, their courage, their diligence in following the Sunnah and in Islamic learning.

2. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz for his excellence in mathematics, his superb teaching skills, his humbleness in Islam and his honesty and integrity when faced with Zionism and racism.

3. Dr. Kaukab Siddique for the paradigm shift he has created by his fearless stance in opposition to Zionism and his efforts to take on the entire spectrum of anti-Islamic forces in America in a sane and well-thought-out way.

4. Sis. Karen English for her pioneering role and persistence in developing the boycott movement against Zionisam.

5. Chuck Carlson, for his love of the real Jesus, pbuh, for his struggle against Christian Zionism, for his visit to Gaza, and for his Biblical knowledge and understanding.

6. Hodari Abdul 'Ali for his community work across diverse groups, his peace activities for Sudan, and peace link with the Muslims of India.

Non-Violent Resistance

Boycott Businesses which Support Israel: Latest Effort in Baltimore
Young people are being fooled by Israel. This is shocking!

December 24: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's latest letter to the Muslims, issued by the Boycott group was given selectively to 75 worshippers after Juma' [Friday] prayers.

A new addition to the boycott list is Delta Galil, Israel's biggest textile company. Guess the guise under which its products are offered to America's young people: Gap, Calvin Klein, Playtex and Victoria's Secret.

Looks like millions of young Americans don't know that the clothes they love are from a terrorist entity.

Latest Radio Interview

Zionism: White Supremacy in Israeli Guise:
Censorship & Abuse against Muslim Professor

December 21, 2010: Voices with Vision, a weekly broadcast heard on Washington, DC's WPFW radio (89.3 FM) interviewed Dr. Kaukab Siddique live. Ms. Ryme Katkhouda and Naji Mujahid asked Dr. Siddique about his ongoing confrontation with America's Zionist and extreme right wing groups. Ms. Katkhouda is the program producer, while Mujahid is known for his grassroots activism in support of African and African American causes. In addition to Israel, Dr. Siddique was asked about his understanding of the Jewish holocaust story.

The following points summarize Dr. Siddique's responses:

·          My concern is that Israel is carrying out daily violations of human rights in Palestine, a land which international Jewry has occupied by force of arms.

·          In America, there should be a massive uprising, by peaceful means, to dismantle this terrorist entity. Boycott is a tool of non-violent resistance which works.

·          What Israel has done in Gaza and all over Palestine as well as in Lebanon delegitimizes Israel. It is a terrorist entity rooted in genocide and crimes against humanity which are ongoing.

·          Zionists in America know that they cannot face me in discussion of the issues of war and peace. So they use censorship to stop me from getting a fair hearing in corporate media which they control and manipulate.

·          They couldn't scare me with death threats and smear campaigns, (I am a Muslim!), so they rallied the congress and senate of Pennsylvania to attack my livelihood in Lincoln University.

·          They know that Israel cannot stand up to scrutiny by the American people, so they dug up various excerpts from 20 years of my writings to accuse me of being "anti-semitic" and a "holocaust denier."

·          As a Muslim, I am not permitted by my religion to hate anyone on the basis of race or religion. I oppose oppression, exploitation, occupation, tyranny and torture. I have written more against the wrong doing of Muslims than of anyone else.

·          World War II ended in 1945.  Germany paid billions of dollars in reparations to Israel for FOUR YEARS of suffering of the Jews under Hitler.

·          By contrast, FOUR HUNDRED YEARS of SLAVERY, are of direct concern to me and should be to all who teach at a famous historically Black college like Lincoln University. NO REPARATIONS have been paid for those 400 years. What happened to 40 Acres and a Mule?

·          It is utterly shameless and morally low for the Jews to accuse me of anti-semitism when they know that my life has been devoted to anti-racism and oppression. Muslims throughout history helped the Jews, in particular during the Crusades.

·          As for the holocaust story, I have no doubt that the Jews suffered tremendously during the World War. However, I also know that the Poles, the Russians, the French and the Dutch too suffered a great deal. The Germans are human beings. How can we ignore the fire bombing of German cities, the destruction of German churches, monasteries, libraries and schools at the hands of the British and the Americans.

·          Hundreds of thousands of German children were BURNED ALIVE by the western powers in senseless 1000-bomber attacks on defenseless German cities during late 1944 till May 1945. My humanity is revolted by these massive crimes committed by the victors. Then think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki……

·          The Jewish holocaust story is not a hoax but it has been subjected to scholarly analysis on a big scale by Mark Weber, David Irving, Germar Rudolf and many others. Their documentation is impeccable. I ask that let both sides be heard. Many of the holocaust stories were undoubtedly fabricated and the total holocaust story should thereby be subjected to revision.

·          Today ALL of Gaza is a concentration camp run by Jewish Zionists. Look at the Israeli leadership. They are White Supremacists. They treat the Palestinians accordingly. Look at the elite Zionist leadership in America. They too are White and Supremacists. They need to look at themselves in a mirror before they dare accuse me of racism.

Siddique Against Zionism: What you are facing is from Allah

Inshallah all is well with you. I pray that this letter finds you in the highest states of eman and trust in Allah. May Allah strengthen you and protect you in your effort in speaking the truth and delivering the truth to the people. Also this verse is a very interesting I pass it on so that you may be certain that what you have in front of you is from Allah. Pray for the ummah. Assalaamu alaikum

59:14  "They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls. Their violence among themselves is severe. You think they are together, but their hearts are diverse. That is because they are a people who do not reason."

-Shaybah Abdullah

Zionists Rallied State Senators & Reps to Humiliate  Lincoln University & Dr. Siddique: Zionist-Racist Hate Speech Ignored

Whose Hate Speech?
By Nadrat Siddique

Recently, my father, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, came under assault by the Zionists, after he gave a speech calling for the peaceful dismantling of Israel at the annual Quds Day rally in Washington, DC. The Zionist campaign reminded me of similar assaults on Dr. Tony Martin, Prof. Ward Churchill, Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Prof. Francis Boyle, Prof. Norm Finkelstein and many others. The primary distinction was that unlike the others, my father is a Muslim and a Semite. This makes him even more a thorn in the side of the Zionists, who view him as one of those they would prefer to beat to a pulp with the butt of their Tavors (Israeli assault rifles), or torture in Israeli prison, but not debate.

In other words, to be a Muslim and outspoken against Israel magnifies the Thought Crime. One analogy which comes to mind: During slavery, the white power structure exhibited a degree of tolerance for the white abolitionists who quietly and theoretically challenged slavery. The same power structure screamed for a manhunt followed by public hanging for a Denmark Vesey calling for a slave rebellion. Hence the obscene response to my father's speech by the Zionists.

My father did not advocate violence. He did not violate the law. He merely challenged prevailing paradigms, which say it is okay to allocate $2.55 billion dollars each year (one million dollars per day in military aid alone) of U.S. taxpayer money to a colonial settler state which oppresses its original inhabits. A firm believer in Freedom of Speech, he spoke out on his time, at his own expense, about an issue he felt strongly about.

This was not the first time my father has been in the Zionist crosshairs, as the ADL, AJC, JDL, and the Wiesenthal Center scrutinizing his writings, placed him on their McCarthy-style blacklist, and attempted to have him removed from his position at Lincoln in 2006.

This time, however, they appeared far more determined, launching their supporters to write letters to LU President Ivory Nelson, suggesting my father's classes be monitored, and questioning the process that led to his tenure--all with the implication that he should be removed. In a campaign of harassment and intimidation, they and their supporters sent hate-filled emails and letters (including threats of violence and even death) to him. They galvanized a dozen state senators to visit the university. The threat of firing alone would have been enough to convince many academics, particularly immigrants, to abdicate their heartfelt political stance. In such a climate, how could one possibly claim that free speech is extant?

My father, who believes that Authority belongs to Allah alone, did not succumb to the Zionist pressure. It made me intensely proud to have him as a father.

He draws a salary from Lincoln University, which, while not a state school, receives partial funding from the state of Pennsylvania. In an action reminiscent of mafia-style blackmail of the historically black college, a group of state senators visited my Dad's boss at the behest of the Zionist lobby. They were concerned, they told the LU President, about state funds going (indirectly) to the salary of an individual engaging in what they claimed was hate speech. In other words, fire this professor who dares speak out of line with the Zionist lobby, otherwise we'll yank your funds.

The issue that arises from all this is the allocation of free speech.

To call for the peaceful dismantling of a colonial-settler state on par with Apartheid South Africa, Rhodesia, French-occupied Algeria, or British-occupied Kenya is hate speech.

But saying, "that there's not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigger race into our theatres, into our swimming pools, into our homes and into our churches," (Strom Thurmond, then presidential nominee for the States' Rights Party) is not hate speech.

Saying that poor blacks fail to acquire wealth partly because of their "habits;" that bilingual education teaches "the language of living in a ghetto;" that building an Islamic center near Ground Zero is like Nazis erecting a sign near the Holocaust Museum; or that Obama is engaged in "Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior" (Newt Gingrich)--all these are not hate speech.

Praising Strom Thurmond, an overtly racist politician, and saying the country would have been better off if they'd followed his agenda (i.e. of racial segregation, and hence complete exclusion of Black people from the mainstream) (Trent Lott) is not hate speech.

Telling a 15-year old black teen "You don't f---ing belong here. Get out of here," while beating him in the head with a radio (Eliyahu Eliezer Werdesheim, Shomrin Jewish patrol in Baltimore) is not hate speech.

Assessing the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children as "worth it" (Madeleine Albright) is not hate speech.

Saying that all Taliban should be annihilated (many U.S. politicians), neverminding that a vast majority of Afghan Pashtoons support the Taliban as the only force effectively opposing the U.S. occupation of their country, and that Pashtoons make up the vast majority of the Afghan population, hence equivalent to saying tens of thousands of people should be annihilated--that is not hate speech.

Joking about an assassination attempt on (then Senator) Obama (Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee)--as long as one quickly apologizes--is not hate speech.

Calling for the assassination of U.S. citizen and cleric Anwar Awlaki, because he opposes the U.S. military presence in the Middle East and Africa (Obama administration)--is not hate speech.

Calling for the assassination of Julian Assange because he exposed the hate speech of various and sundry U.S. statesmen and their toadies (Tom Flanagan, former aid to the Canadian Prime Minister)--is not hate speech.

The cases of hate speech against Muslims, people of color, and anyone who stands up for us, are too numerous to mention. The small subset I mentioned are those who were on U.S. federal or state government payroll (or in the case of Tom Flanagan, teaching at a public Canadian university, on Canadian government payroll) at the time they made their hate-filled comments. It is okay for them to launch hateful, threatening, demeaning diatribes against people of color and Muslims while sopping up your and my tax dollars.

The Doublespeak dictionary says that hate speech is only hate speech if it is directed against certain select populations, and not others.
Postscript: Want to see hate speech? Look at the youtube comments, following the posts of the video of my father's Al-Quds Day speech (link is below). Writer after writer--primarily racist Zionists, hurl obscenities and death threats at him—all for calling for the peaceful dismantling of Israel, in effect, an entirely new look at a failed U.S. foreign policy. It is something U.S. policy makers, if they care about their constituents more than they care about the European settlers in Israel, ought, in a time of economic depression, to be considering anyway.

Dr. Siddique's Quds Day speech:

Background on the Zionist assault on Dr. Siddique's free speech rights, as covered by the
Philadelphia Inquirer:

Coverage of the case by the Lincolnian (Lincoln University's student newspaper):

Dr. Siddique's response to the Zionist onslaught, aired on South African radio:

Richard Holbrooke – Unlawful and Immoral Diplomacy
By Vahid Sendijarevic, Ph.D.
National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina

"I never met anyone more tenaciously committed to delivering on results and
negotiating and doing whatever had to be done to achieve positive outcomes. And
sometimes, people get lost in the methods and means, and thinking that has to be
very moral and right. And Richard didn't get lost there." These are words of Mr.
Steve Clemons about legacy of Mr. Holbrook spoken hours after his death.  Mr.
Steve Clemons, author of the political blog, "The Washington Note," was
introduced as a friend of Mr. Holbrook by Rachel Maddow in her show on MSNBC on
December 13, 2010.

What Mr. Clemons said in very polite manner is that Mr. Holbrook would use any
mean necessary, regardless how immoral and unlawful, to achieve his diplomatic

Dayton Peace Accord brokered by Mr. Holbrook was sold to the public by President
Clinton as one of the highest achievement of American diplomacy.  However, in
reality Mr. Holbrook's diplomatic negotiations instigated the genocide in Bosnia
which led to the Dayton Peace Accord imposed on Bosnian people. The Dayton Peace
Accord represents a LEGAL AND POLITICAL PRECEDENT that constitution of sovereign nations can be changed by foreign aggression, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

The claim by President Clinton, Mr. Holbrook, and their protégés that Dayton
Peace Accord brought peace to people of Bosnia is a plain lie used to cover up
the immorality and unlawfulness of the negotiation process that led to Dayton
Peace Accord. The objective of the 1992 aggression by Serbia against the
Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was creation of an ethnically pure "Greater
Serbia". This could be achieved by dismantling the Republic of Bosnia and
Herzegovina and by ethnic cleansing of non-Serbs from 50% of Bosnian territory
to create "Republika Srpska" next to Serbia to be used as bases for creation of
continuous "Greater Serbia."  With the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995, the
continuous territory was established, and with US backed diplomatic efforts of
Mr. Holbrook, Serbian objectives in Bosnia were solidified in the imposed Dayton
Peace Agreement.

According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of
Genocide and the UN Charter, the administration of President Clinton was
obligated to protect the UN member state, the Republic of Bosnia and
Herzegovina, from aggression and genocide and not to reward the perpetrators of
aggression and genocide with the territory of the victim state.

President Clinton and Holbrook can not claim that they did not know what was
going on in Bosnia from the day one of aggression in 1992.  In legally binding
Resolutions 752 and 757 from 1992, the UN Security Council adopted economic
sanctions and political isolation to Serbia and Montenegro as punishment for
their aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the
provisional measures of the International Court of Justice on September 13,
1993, in the case of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and
Montenegro, "the Court recorded that, since its Order [to Serbia and Montenegro]
of April 8, 1993, and despite it and many resolutions of the United Nations
Security Council, "great suffering and loss of life has been sustained by the
population of Bosnia-Herzegovina in circumstances which shock the conscience of
mankind and flagrantly conflict with moral law ...".

The war crimes that shocked  the conscience of mankind and flagrantly conflicted
with moral law moved the American people to do good for people of Republic of
Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The USA congress adapted two times a resolution to lift
arms embargo on Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina so that Bosnians can defend
themselves from those horrible crimes. President Clinton vetoed both
resolutions. The second resolution was adapted by 2/3 majority in both The House
of the Representatives and the Senate. At the hearing at the Senate after the
second veto by President Clinton, Senator Joe Biden accused Administration of
President Clinton and Warren Christopher, a Secretary of State, for actively
participating in partition of the sovereign nation of Republic of Bosnia and
Herzegovina and thus participating in war crimes against Bosnian people. After
passionate exchange of arguments between Mr. Biden and Mr. Christopher, hearings
were moved behind the closed doors far from the public eyes, and Mr. Biden
changed his passion for justice and rule of law into new passion which can be
described as by any mean necessary to achieve diplomatic goals, regardless how
immoral and unlawful those goals were.

Off course, nobody gave any explanations what were the benefits to the American
people of President Clinton and Ambassador Holbrook's decision to go along with
Milosevic's genocidal project.  We know well that America benefits when it
stands for what is right.  And, what was right in the case of Bosnia was to
defend the letters of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the
Crime of Genocide and not to go along with goals of Mr. Milosevic, indicted war
criminal for war crimes in Croatia and genocide in Republic of Bosnia and

Still there is time to correct the wrong done by President Clinton and his
administration. The International Court of Justice ruled in the binding judgment
in February 26, 2007 in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and
Montenegro that genocide was committed by the government and institutions of
"Republika Srpska" and specifically the Army (VRS) and Police (MUP) of
"Republika Srpska" and that Serbia had an obligation to prevent the genocide.
Filing the law suit for genocide in 1993 preceded all subsequent constitutional
and legal arrangements for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The final judgment of the
International Court of Justice supersedes all constitutional arrangements that
are offered today to the victims of aggression and genocide including Annex 4 to
the Dayton Agreement (the Dayton Constitution).

The U.S.A. should help Bosnian patriots to restore the constitution and
institutions of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as they were before the
aggression and genocide by applying the legal right to RESTITUTIO IN INTEGRUM
(restoration of the original condition) based on the peremptory norms of
International law JUS COGENS, and to declare null and void the Dayton
Constitution and institutions created under the Dayton Constitution.

The constitution of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only legally
binding document on the basis of which the independence of Bosnia and
Herzegovina has been recognized.  This constitution ended communism and provided
for free multiparty elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990 and provided for
free referendum of its independence in 1992.  Under this constitution, Republic
of Bosnia and Herzegovina became a UN member nation.  This constitution provides
that each individual is sovereign on entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina
irrelevant on ethnicity or religion.

The lawfulness and justice in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be
accomplished only after the goal of the aggression and genocide is denied to the
perpetrators of the aggression and genocide.   According to International law,
and domestic laws, anything what was achieved unlawfully can not be recognized
as lawful.

Under the Dayton Agreement, the unlawful governing power over the victims of
aggression and genocide in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina was put into the
hands of those who committed the genocide and those who were complicit in
aggression and the genocide.  The U.S. government should terminate its support
to those in Bosnia who were complicit in the aggression and genocide.

Pakistan: Defending the Honor of Muhammad, pbuh

U.S.-backed Attempts to Repeal Blasphemy Laws face stiff Resistance from Islamic Scholars

From Shamsuddin, Lahore

LAHORE, Dec. 24: Jamaat e Ittehadul Ulemaa chief and former MNA, Maulana Abdul Malik, h said that neither the President nor the Prime Minister had the authority to amend the Blasphemy ( of the Holy Prophet) Law and if they dared to do that, they would not only lose power but would also find it hard to live in this country.

 Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that Pakistan had been achieved in the name of Islam and the nation knew how to safeguard its ideological character. The people from Khyber up to Karachi stood united as far as the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was concerned, he added.

 He said the rulers desired to undo the Islamic identity of the country at the bidding of colonial powers which was tantamount to inviting divine wrath. The rulers had already mortgaged the country's independence and sovereignty at the US hands and now they were pursuing the agenda of making the country a secular state.

However, he said, the government should keep in mind the nation that had sacrificed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for the creation of this country would not spare any sacrifice to safeguard its Islamic identity. He said that the countrywide strike planed for December 31 on this issue would be an eye opener for the rulers.

War News: From our Pakistan Monitor

Islamic Woman Attacks pro-General Kayani Tribe
UN Feeds Kayani's Men while others Starve

On December 25, a female martyrdom operator attacked a gathering of the Salarzai tribe in the military area of Khar in Bajaur agency. She began by throwing hand grenades and then blew herself up killing 40 of the Salarzai and wounding 73. Three Pakistani troops were also killed.

The Salarzai gathering was held so that the United Nations could provide food to tribesmen who have linked up with the Pakistani military.

Bajaur borders a key area of Afghanistan which the Pakistani army uses to keep open the supply route to NATO troops in Afghanistan.

General Kayani controls the Islamic populations in the frontier areas by sealing off all food supplies and goods of daily use. Tribes like the Salarzai [said to be Shi'as] are armed and fed by Kayani's men once they decide to fight the Pakistani Taliban.

The Pakistani Taliban have taken credit for the attack by the female martyr.

Maulvi Fazlullah Re-Appears: Serious Setback for General Kayani

December 3: A video of the legendary Islamic leader of Swat, Maulvi Fazlullah has appeared on Pakistani Internet groups. It seems to be a couple of months old and seems to mock General Kayani's propaganda against the resistance in Swat.

Kayani's propaganda had declared that the Pak Taliban have been wiped out from Swat and Dir and that Fazlullah had gangrene in both his legs and would die soon because of lack of advanced medical technology in the mountains. That was about a year back. Also General Athar Abbas, Kayani's PR man suggested that Fazlullah is not an Islamic leader at all but an Indian agent!

In this current video, Fazlullah seems to mock Kayani. First he stands with the help of a big stick, suggesting that his legs might be hurt. Then he moves and one can see an automatic rifle slung over his shoulder.

He speaks in Pushto but most of what he says is in Arabic from the Qur'an and Hadith with strong affirmations of acceptance of the Will of Allah.

Then he drops the stick and handles the rifle. A crowd of young fighters listens to him intently. After more quotations from the Qur'an, he moves forward, gun in hand, and walks down the mountain path with a jaunty walk. Obviously, the Lion of Swat is alive and well. His black turban and his heavy beard match the stance of a confident leader who literally smiles at the moves of General Kayani and American generals. 



Palash Biswas
Pl Read:

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