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Oh My Sister Aafia Siddiqui!: Dr. M.K.Sherwani
( French version by Samia of Mauritius (

The anguish and pain on your face,

Have wreaked a havoc in my heart ;

My soul is now seething with rage,

As surging waves erode the shores.

Curse be on me, but more on those,

Who are called as Kings and Heads;

Whom you may call as your brothers,

Who are under your tormentors' shoe.

But your luck will soon see the spring,

Have patience, Oh the woman of faith!;

The Supreme Justice is about to dawn,

Again you will be blushing with smile.

Those, who think, have all the power,

Will stand before you as tiny creatures ;

On the ruins of today's mighty empires,

`Aafiya' will stand as a towering figure.


Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
Chairman, All India Muslim Forum
Lucknow ,U.P. India


Aafia Siddiqui, 'dangerous terrorist'
Counter Bias -

Dr Siddiqui was kidnapped in Pakistan in 2003 –
and then `arrested' in Afghanistan in 2008 –
while in possession of `terrorist instructions',
as well as `two pounds of deadly poison'. (!)

In fact, every man and his dog in Pakistan
knows that – ever since she was violently
abducted in 2003, while on her way to the
Karachi airport – this American-educated
woman was raped and tortured for five years
at the Bagram Air Base CIA torture centre,
before she was ever `arrested' in 2008.
One of her children `disappeared', apparently,
murdered during that bloody kidnapping.

And here is the `official' Jew-ess pack of lies:
"On July 18, 2008, "a team of United States servicemen
and law enforcement officers, and others assisting them,
attempted to interview Aafia Siddiqui in Ghazni, Aghanistan,
where she had been detained by local police the day before...
unbeknownst to the United States interview team, unsecured,
behind a curtain – Siddiqui obtained one of the United States
Army's M-4 rifles and attempted to fire it, and did fire it,
at another United States Army officer and other members of
the United States interview team... Siddiqui then assaulted
one of the United States Army interpreters, as he attempted
to obtain the M-4 rifle from her. Siddiqui subsequently
assaulted one of the FBI agents and one of the United States
Army officers, as they attempted to subdue her."

Did this 110-pound woman get to be a veritable
'Rambo' after five years of rape and torture?…
In fact, she couldn't have possibly been detained
by the Afghan police, as she never was anywhere
in Afghanistan – never outside the CIA torture
centre at the Bagram Air Base.

Apparently, this clumsy and convoluted lie is
supposed to explain how Dr Siddiqui ended up
being shot and severely wounded – before being
convicted by the Manhattan `jewry' and sentenced
to 86 years (!) upon the evidence that's only fit
to be printed out on a roll of toilet tissue.
Imagine, you've been held – under `non-arrest' –
in a torture dungeon for five years – and then,
on the sixth year, charged with an "assault with
a deadly weapon" against the dungeon keepers!
I kid you not, that's the only charge that Aafia
Siddiqui was ever tried on – seven and a half
years after her not-so-clandestine abduction!
And the Jewpsy shyster Bruce Hoffman,
`professor of [the Jewpsy Zion-gangster] security
studies' at Georgetown University, proclaimed it
kosher by authoritatively declaring that …
"this decision considerably simplified the case".

The Jewpsy Zion-gangster
Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Director, RAND Washington Office at Washington Foreign Press Center briefing on
"The Status of the War on Terrorism."

Now, isn't it brilliant? Just kidnap and murder –
or slowly `extinguish' in a torture chamber –
anyone that the Holocaust-mongering Jewpsy
Zion-gangsters suspect of harbouring any
sympathy towards the Palestinians – and
the Talmudic seal of `jewdicial' approval is
automatically guaranteed!

There is only one perfectly obvious reason why
Dr Siddiqui was buried alive for "86 years" in a
Jew-ess prison: she must be kept totally isolated
and in a state of paranoid fear for the rest of her
life – or, else, she might get a chance to tell her
story – and list all of those horrendous crimes
perpetrated against her by the Jews' slaves
acting in the name of the Jew-ess `justice'.


Taliban 'want to swap kidnapped British aid worker for Pakistani scientist jailed in the U.S.'By Andrew Levy and Daniel Bates
27th September 2010

Massive hunt on for woman believed to be in her 30s

Militants claiming to have kidnapped a female British aid worker are believed to be demanding an exchange for the jailed Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui.

The doctor, who was working for a charity, was travelling with three Afghan men in a two-vehicle convoy when they were ambushed yesterday morning.

At first the Taliban said it was not responsible for the adbuction, but a local commander named as Mohammed Osman, today claimed he had taken the group.

Osman told the Afghan Islamic Press: 'We are lucky that we abducted this British woman so soon after the ruthless ruling by an American court on Aafia Siddiqui.

'We will demadn the release of Siddqui in exchange for her.'

Bleak: Kunar Province in Afghanistan where the British woman was taken

The kidnap comes barely a month after British doctor Dr Karen Woo (pictured) was shot dead in an ambush

Siddiqui, a 38-year-old mother-of-three neuroscientist, was jailed for 86 years last week by a New York court for the attempted murder of U.S. agents and soldiers who were trying to interrogate her in Afghanistan.

The British embassy in Kabul would not discuss the report.
Meanwhile, an extensive search is being carried out for the unnamed British woman who was led away on foot by her captors despite a firefight with local police.

The attack comes barely a month after British doctor Dr Karen Woo, 36, was shot dead in an ambush in which eight foreign aid workers and two Afghans were killed.

The motive for the latest kidnapping is not clear but insurgent involvement is likely as the Taliban usually take foreigners alive.
It is believed that the doctor worked for a U.S. charity, Development Alternatives International (DAI), which implements agricultural projects on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

She is believed to be in her 30s and has spent several years working in Afghanistan.

The group were attacked as they travelled from Kunar province to Jalalabad, a rugged region close to the border with Pakistan which is a known Taliban stronghold.

It is understood the woman and her travel companions – two drivers and a guard – were on their way to an opening ceremony for a canal rehabilitation project in the Narang district of Kunar. Police chief in Kunar, General Abdul Saboor Allahyar, said gunmen intercepted the woman's convoy at around 11am.

A major search operation was under way with the assistance of tribal elders.

DAI spokesman Steven O'Connor confirmed the organisation was treating the incident as a `suspected abduction' and resolving it was their `absolute first priority'.

The group were attacked as they travelled to Jalalabad, a rugged region close to the border with Pakistan which is a known Taliban stronghold

`The evidence does not point towards them getting lost,' he said.

`The woman who appears to have been kidnapped is one of our veterans. She is a complete professional and has many years of experience.'
The Foreign Office confirmed last night that a British national was missing in Afghanistan.

A spokesman said: `We are working with other international agencies to investigate these reports urgently.'

A Taliban spokesman said he was unaware of the kidnapping.

Kunar is an area held by the Taliban where a number of foreign nationals have been kidnapped in recent years.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for Dr Woo's death, saying she had been `preaching Christianity' – a claim dismissed by family and friends who say she was not religious.

However there are suspicions that bandits may have been responsible, as the victims had been robbed when their bodies were found.

Two French journalists were seized last December to the north-east of Kabul, but were later released.



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